What all points one should check out before hiring a Used Generator


When seeking to hire a used generator there are many things to consider to ensure that you’re getting a good deal. The last thing you desire is to have paid excellent money to hire a generator and it fails when you require it most.


Quality Generators

When hiring a generator you should always make sure that you’re getting a quality generator that will offer ideal power for your needs. A good way of doing this is by looking for reviews of the company and the items they hire. Renting used generators that’s made by a worldwide recognised brand is more likely to provide you high efficiency compared with a likewise used generator produced by an unidentified company.



Installing a generator can be a tough process and it isn’t advised that you do it unless you are an electrical expert and can perform this task safely. Linking generators can be possibly deadly if not carried out effectively- always ensure that you check out the handbook that includes the generator and ask a professional to install it for you.


Portable generators are not suggested to be linked to buildings as they do not produce enough energy to power your home and can be harmful if used in this way. To power houses, shops or other buildings you need to hire a large fixed generator which can be straight connected to the wiring. It’s extremely suggested that a professional certified electrical contractor connects your generator to the building – ‘permanent’ generators might need consent from your local council.



When hiring a generator from Swift Equipment’s Used Generator Inventory you need to always ensure that the company you are renting it from has carried out extensive testing to ensure that it is working properly and securely. Ensure that you have picked a generator with enough power output to cover your needs in excess so it can cope when it comes to a power surge. Generators ought to have a great airflow to assist cool down the engine and prevent overheating which could possibly harm the generator and surrounding area. If something does go wrong, do not try to fix the issue yourself – the company that hired you the generator ought to provide a certified serviceman to carry out any required repairs.



Make certain that your generator and its fuel are kept far from living areas and out of reach of kids. Generators can be dangerous when working as they are producing a big quantity of electricity and can become extremely hot throughout use. Always permit the generator to cool off prior to storing or refuelling – never aim to accelerate the process by spraying water on it! This quick cool down can be harmful to the generator and damage parts which might jeopardize the engine.


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